"Sameh Ismail" Significant Participation in Dubai’s Calligraphy Biennale

Sameh Ismail participates in the Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Biennale based in Dubai, the prestigious event took place on the 7th of October 2023, in downtown Dubai’s Calligraphy gallery ‘Kalimat’ with the endeavors of ‘Art Recueil’ to represent the Egyptian artist Sameh Ismail, his artwork featured a significant captivating size that is a blend of Sameh’s authenticity and the remarkable decent choice of colors, ensuring an outstanding participation in this year’s Biennale edition.

The ‘Nubela’ is a 400 x 150 cm sized acrylic on canvas, demonstrating the abstract concept of secretive words that illustrate a trace of fading vices intertwined with the remains of letters expressing the love of individuals. Highlighting the priority and high accumulation of Arabic calligraphy.

The Biennale launched on the beginning of October marking an outstanding evolution in the world of art, under the supervision of Dubai Culture & Arts Authority in an inspiring movement to encourage an international cooperation in Arabic Calligraphy featuring masterclass, exhibitions, talk panels in a welcoming, warm, lecturing atmosphere on the historical importance of Arabic Calligraphy.

“Nebula”, In the space of the painting, letters and dots float in the kingdomof the spoken andmystery... The words fade away, the sounds of it dim, and the traces remain... The letters intertwine and intersect in the rhythm of the Arabic letter. A nebula of cosmic dust in the kingdom of language contains the messages of the knowers and the longings of the lovers, so that self-expression continues in the positioning of the Arabic letter.